Harry Deitz announces thrilling new hiring policy that will prevent the Reading Eagle from ever hiring anyone like him again

STOP THE PRESSES! Hold the pixels! This is news. This is huge.

You will not read all about it in the morning paper, but Harry Deitz called a staff meeting earlier this month and the big news wasn't the launch of a new touristy-type division, Pretzel City Productions, whose first production will be a Roy Rogers tribute (good luck selling out that) whose opening act will be the guy (Dave Kline) who heads the new division.

Nope. The big news was a policy change aimed at reforming the company's good-old-boys, backslapping hiring practices. Hence, the newspaper will no longer allow staffers to feather the payroll with relatives who will work under their wing doing, perhaps, very, very little work.

Staffers are calling this the no-no-nepotism policy.

In the past and present, payroll padding covered departments ranging from union shops (engravers) through advertising (the Woolwines) through promotions & marketing (the Ernestos).

But did you know...

Harry Deitz Jr. was himself a throw-in to the deal that brought his daddy, the "smokin' Shamokin" Harry Deitz Sr., to the Eagle in the mid-'70s. The Eagle wanted to lure the veteran Harry Sr., the greenhorn Harry Jr. needed a job, and wet-behind-the-ears Harry was like the minor-league prospect necessary to sweeten the pot.

Older staffers at the Eagle are laughing their nuts off over the irony.

They only wish the policy change was retroactive.