Reading doesn't have enough Mexicans, so Baldwin Hardware is moving to Mexico

Hasta la vista, baby.

A fixture in Reading since 1956, Baldwin Hardware, which proudly announces on its website that it was "born in America," announced Thursday it will move its manufacturing operations to Mexico next year, leaving 159 workers out in the cold sun, although all eligible employees will receive severance pay, continuation of medical and dental insurance benefits, outplacement assistance, and a farewell tequila or pina colada cocktail with one of those little (Made in Mexico) umbrellas sticking out.

Normally, when craven companies abandon their America in quest of sweatshop labor, they'll slink across the Rio Grande in the middle of the night. Baldwin's mistake: Revealing the move won't be made until the fourth quarter of 2012.

That allows everyone a full 15 months to picket the plant, scrawl hateful graffiti, humiliate management in public, and launch a public boycott of Baldwin and its parent company, Stanley Black & Decker Corp.

Wait -- this just in! Eric Cantor has announced a deal that would keep Baldwin in Berks: Cut their tax rate to minus 35%  and allow Black & Decker boss Gregory J. Gluchowski Jr. to lead Harry Reid around Penn Square on a dog leash.

Huh? Obama just caved. Baldwin stays!!

Wait -- this just in! Cantor says the workers will have to give up their Social Security and Medicare, too, along with the rest of Americans who don't make $250,000 a year.

The congressman will have to get his brass balls from Mexico after next year.

(If you would like a career with Baldwin Hardware, here's their career opportunity link, gringo.)