Magician Jeffrey Waltman has a -- sshh! -- secret plan to save the city from financial ruin

The city, to few's surprise, filed today for financial protection under Act 47, and Councilman Jeffrey S. Waltman Sr. is not on board, not one bit.

Waltman, who chairs the finance committee, claims the city's distress is caused by Tom McMahon's mismanagement. He called Act 47 an ineffective state program that is "nothing more than a state policy parking lot to serve as a placeholder for other failed state policies and failed leadership/management."

The solution, according to Waltman, is some vague blather about how "the financial and operational conditions of the city speak to the need for new leadership/management."

So what should the city fathers do?

Lay off 90 firefighters, instead of 45, 70 firefighters, instead of 35? Or scrap the City Hall bureaucracy entirely and let the department heads answer their own phones and do all their own busy work? How about getting rid of all the cops and issuing handguns to the residents?

Where's all that waste and mismanagement, Jeff? How about something more specific than stale demagogic platitudes about "new leadership/management"?

Do speak up, Jeff.

Or shut up.

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