Reading Eagle offers readers discount coupon for illicit sex

Around the newsroom, they call it a "refer."

That's pronounced "reefer," as in doobie, which is what the people who put together Thursday's edition must have been smoking.

A "refer" refers readers from one related item to another elsewhere in the paper. Somebody mised one today, and the Reading Eagle got caught with its pants down.

On Page B1 of today's edition, Jason Kahl has a story at the top of the page headlined "Police: Sex acts offered at business." It's an account of a bust at the Lotus Blossom Spa along Route 422 in Amity Township.

Police said the spa is a converted barn where three woman, two of them Korean nationals in the country illegally, provided clients with sex for money:

Customers were charged $60 to enter the establishment. Once inside, they were taken to a room where a woman told them how much it would cost for various sex acts, with prices ranging from $60 to $100 in addition to the entry fee. The site also had coupons offering $10 off any service.

Now flip over to Page C7 in the Sports section, where high schoolers will go to read the annual girl's field hockey preview for Wilson, Fleetwood, Exeter, Gov. Mifflin and other local schools, and you can find that discount coupon for Lotus to clip, along with ads for five other "spas."

This is just one day after the Eagle posted a story about a former Wyomissing science teacher who "came onto" a male student. John Forester must have thought that was funny.

Of course, pandering to the local sex trade is nothing new for the Eagle, not when there are dollar$ involved. Excitement Video remains one of the sponsors of the "Can You Beat Zeke?" contest, The excitement at Excitement Video has nothing to do with scoring touchdowns.

Please, please, don't let our hometown paper be overcome by such filth.

Express your complete disgust by calling editor Harry J. Deitz Jr. at 610-371-5004. In the name of Hawley Quier and all that he held sacred, you must!

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