Irrelevant AP shows a nose for notes

The Associated Press, busy as it is turning its silly stylebook into an overpriced iPhone app, made a huge fool of itself by posting its internal notes on the Roman Polanski arrest online, instead of an actual news story. Because that boner has vanished into the ether, I hereby present, as a public service, the thought processes that went into the construction of the AP's deathless prose:

Swiss arrest Polanski on US request in sex case

Associated Press, 09.27.09, 10:41 AM EDT

OK, can you do some more probing? New York will want to know
frank's out today.

i checked already, and so did zurich. they say the question is irrelevant. he answered me with the quote i used, about we knew when he was coming this time. he's been here many times in the past, we think.

thx brad. aptn is aware, but unfortunately won't make it in time, but is hoping to catch tail end.

i'm pushing out another writethru with some more background details before press conference.

no surprise, new york is really hot on this.

they particularly want to know why now. (has he never set foot in switzerland before?) sheila, theorizes that's because they're under intense pressure over ubs and want to throw the U.S. a bone, but can you check with justice department sources there?

is frank around too, or are you alone?

u can tell aptn press conf 1700 (15 gmt) in bern at the parliament

i'll watch it live on internet

If only the Reading Eagle would do the same with correspondences between John Forester and Holly Herman. It would be to die for.