Reading Eagle runs front-page story exposing Asian massage parlors as fronts for prostitution, continues to run ads for Asian massage parlors

In a textbook example of what does not pass muster as investigative journalism, the Reading Eagle has a page one article today about sex slavery in Berks. Reporter Jason Kahl's reporting amounts to talking to a few people, including District Attorney John Adams and an unnamed federal investigator who says "several such gangs have been operating about a dozen Asian massage parlors as fronts for prostitution in Berks."

To underscore the ineptitude of the article, there is no mention of any gangs before that paragraph. (The Eagle must know the story will invite derision because comments are disabled.)

In a sidebar, not posted online, this passage appears: "The businesses presented themselves as legitimate in local newspaper advertising."

I am sure they did.

But did the paper send a reporter undercover to check out whether the businesses, which present themselves as legitimate, are in fact employing sex slaves?

I am sure they did not.

If the Eagle had, they might have rescued some sad Asian women from a life of hell.

The Eagle might also have missed out on some blood money from the massage parlors that continue to advertise on its pages. Two such ads appear today in the sports section, underneath a big photograph of a squirrel. (Newsprint must be cheap these days.)

Do those businesses who buy your ads mask sex slavery? Huh, Eagle?

Sales & marketing kingpin Dave Kline's attitude is like Sgt's Schultz's on "Hogan's Heroes": "I see NUTHING!"

Wait until Editor & Publisher gets a load of this.

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