Girlfriend, if your guy bashes his noggin...

Sit right back and we'll tell the tale, the tale of a fateful trip, the tale about a tiny ship the tale of Aaron Cole, 24, and his galpal, Shelly Jackson, 22, a nursing student at the University of Michigan. Cole is not the brightest bulb in the constellation. As writer Mike D. Lammi tells it, 

Cole, 24, and his girlfriend, Shelly Johnson, 22, also a college student from Grass Lake, were headed to Maine on a vacation when disaster struck Aug. 18.

"We were in New Hampshire when we saw a beautiful waterfall and decided to climb to the top," said Cole, a graduate student studying speech pathology at Eastern Michigan University.

On the hike, Cole started fooling around by walking in the water. It was not incredibly steep, but the water had lots of slippery algae and rocks.

To Johnson, it looked dangerous. She pleaded with her boyfriend to get back on dry ground.

"He's one of those daredevil kids, so it (the warning) did not do any good," Johnson said.

Suddenly Cole slipped. For a split second, it seemed OK.

"Then I lost control and could not stop," he said.

He careened about 120 feet, bashing his head on rocks. He stopped, bloody and unconscious, face-down in a pool of water. That was actually a lucky break because he just missed sliding off a tall drop-off.

But here is the telling part, the part that demands the elaboration that writer Mike D. Lammi did not give it:

Johnson took off her swimming suit to bandage gashes on his head, then carried him down a hill that took them 45 minutes to climb. Most of the way, she said, she cradled him, talked to him and tried to keep him conscious.

Babe, you have earned your bona fides.