Teens working as nicotine narcs to nab convenience store clerks in Berks

Berks children lured to noxious nicotine by poor role models.From today's paper, in fact the lead story(!):

A 17-year-old Reading girl waited in line to pay for orange-flavored vitamin water and to buy a pack of cigarettes recently at a West Reading convenience store.

"May I have a pack of Newports?" she asked the clerk.

The clerk gave her the cigarettes and rang up the sale.

About 10 minutes later, the clerk and store were cited for selling tobacco to a minor.

"The clerk apologized and said it was his first time," said Michael Moorman, the Berks County sheriff's deputy who issued the citations. "I hear all kinds of excuses."

The girl was accompanied into the store by an adult during an undercover tobacco operation run by the Berks County Council on Chemical Abuse as the deputy waited in the parking lot.

The girl, who asked not to be identified, said she has been working undercover for three years because she he has strong feelings against smoking.

"I am doing this because I don't think people should be smoking," said the teen, who is paid $10 an hour by the council for going undercover.

Wonder how they'll do it when they want to set up a sting to catch kids sexting?

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