The check is in the mail...for House Democrats

The state budget in place is called a placeholder budget, which means state workers will start receiving paychecks again next week, at the earliest. The delay will not effect those workers elected to the state House if their party affiliation is Democrat. Checks were cut for them last Tuesday.

Asked why Democratic leaders decided to pay their lawmakers before state workers got their checks, Brett Marcy, a spokesman for House Majority Leader Todd Eachus, told the Morning Call:

''We have always had the ability to pay our members throughout this budget impasse, but our leadership team made the decision early on that we would not pay our members until we passed a bill that would allow state workers to get paid. We passed that bridge bill (Tuesday), and the governor just signed it (Wednesday).''

That is to say, shut up because we could have paid the lawmakers who were not making laws throughout the stalemate, so just be happy we didn't slip a pay raise in there, too.

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