Man forced to leave busy shopping mall with toilet seat glued to his ass

The prankster struck in Australia, not Wyomissing, but it's making headlines halfway around the globe!

Here's the poop from the Illawarra Mercury:

Police are appealing for public help to find a prankster who put adhesive on a shopping centre toilet, which resulted in the humiliating rescue of a man.

The 58-year-old was using the facilities at the Cairns Central shopping centre when he became stuck to the toilet seat on Saturday morning.

The seat had been smeared with a fast-acting adhesive, which resulted in the toilet seat attaching to the man's backside.

He was forced to leave the busy shopping centre with the seat still attached to him, in view of a crowd of shoppers.

The man, who is said to be very embarrassed by the incident, was taken to hospital where staff used an industrial strength solvents to remove the toilet seat.

Authorities in far north Queensland are outraged at the sick joke, and have appealed to anyone who may know the offender or offenders to inform police.

Moral: Look before you squat. You never know if a copycat is lurking.

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