Crybaby union firefighters threaten to boycott Labor Day parade if volunteers march

Maybe they should change the name of the holiday to Union Day.

That seems to be the attitude of the unionized Reading firefighters, according to an article in today's Reading Eagle. The article states that union guys say they'll sit out this year's Labor Day parade if volunteers from Kenhorst and West Reading show up, although the union chief denies it and the parade coordinator, Councilman Vaughn Spencer, "could not be reached."

The Kenhorst chief claims Spencer told him that Reading firefighters had given the Labor Council an ultimatum: Get rid of the volunteer companies or the Reading firefighters wouldn't be there.

And what would a Labor Day parade be without the Reading firefighters who get paid to fight fires? Why on God's Earth would they ever want to stand shoulder to shoulder with people who volunteer to put their lives on the line to fight fires?

With the card-carrying Reading firefighters, it sounds like the brotherhood is all about money.

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