Lebanon baloney

Arlen Specter think that rowdies who have been disrupting town hall meetings on overhauling the health care system are "not necessarily representative of America."

Well, good for him!

By now, the image of that bitter old poop in Lebanon practically consigning the senator to fire and brimstone, while bodyguards hover warily, has become the most famous video clip in America.

Which brings us to the question: Why did Arlen Specter hold his town hall in Lebanon anyway, a county that went for McCain by 20 points? Why not hold it in Philly, where a lot of poor folks who don't have any health care could tell their tales?

I didn't see any black faces in the Lebanon crowd, although I thought I did see Chuck Gardner, a retired Reading Eagle photo editor, a camera around his neck.

And then there was Specter's performance when confronted by the bullshit, as chronicled by Kos:

Specter did nothing to correct rumors and dispel the lies, distortions, misinformation that is being disseminated by the hateful people and corporate entities; he spent the time in campaign mode. I certainly hope that most of the Democratic Congresspeople handle their town halls in a more productive manner.

Basically all Specter could say when asked a question that included downright lies spoken as fact is, "I will not support a bill that includes (insert lie)."

Either he's been too busy doing other things to learn what are in the bills, or he can't remember, or it was just easier for him to say, "No, I won't support X."

He has a duty to set the record straight, but he didn't.

'Scuse me, but MSNBC is playing the Lebanon clip again. I have to go throw up.

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