Budding crisis looms as White House prepares for sudsy picnic

Wonderment overtook Washington this week, not over what elements might emerge from committees on the health bill, but what kind of beer President Obama would serve Skip Gates and Jim Crowley when the race warriors sit down to find common ground over some brewskis.

Presss Secretary Robert Gibbs ruined the suspense yesterday when he revealed the president will sip Bud Light, Gates will slug Red Stripe and Crowley will down Blue Dog Moon.

"So we'll have the gamut covered tomorrow afternoon," Gibbs added.

No so fast.

Rush Limbaugh is certain to start foaming over the fact that "The Great American Lager," Bud, is now owned by a Brazilian-Belgian firm and Obama will be shipping millions of jobs overseas by his underhanded endorsement.

The White House beer diplomacy didn't sit well either with Boston-area brewers, who believe that since the crisis was fermented locally a Bay State beer should be on tap. Harpoon Brewery and Mercury Brewing have been actively lobbying to get on the menu, Samuel Adams less so.

So where does that leave Yuengling, which Obama eagerly quaffed...when he was trying to win a Pennsylvania primary?

And what's with Gates ordering a Red beer, while Crowley goes with Blue?

If I were Gates I would have asked for a Carling Black Label.

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