Ed Rendell may still be a virgin

Darn you, Opie and Anthony, darn you. Here's what the Manhattan Madam has to say on her Web site about her mystery client:

I’ve received a huge amount of press inquiries today regarding the Opie and Anthony Radio Show I was on last Wednesday morning. There are a number of blog postings out there that are incorrectly reporting the story so I am going to take a moment to set the record straight.

First, I did not NAME anyone.

I did not name Ed Rendell as “Governor X” nor did Opie, Anthony, Jimmy or anyone on air or affiliated with their station. I went on the show to promote my article on newsstands now in Penthouse’s 40th Anniversary Issue titled “The Bull (Shit) Market”. I was not there to discuss “Governor X”.

In the course of the show, I was asked some funny questions about who “Gov X” might be. They implicated roughly 4-5 governors in jest. I was sitting across the room from the team of guys being video’d the entire time for You-tube and their website.

Reports have surfaced that state I passed a “paper” to them indicating who “Gov X” is. This did not happen. Again, I was sitting across the room from them and did not leave my area. The video will be released on their website in the next few days and will show that I did not pass them a paper or leave my sitting area.

This can be verified by contacting the Program Director, Steve at steve@foundrymusic.com.

Furthermore, I laughed off their questions because frankly, I am not going to name this governor. I cannot categorically deny who it is because by process of elimination, it will come out. So, the reason I am not refuting allegations about who this person is, is because if I start doing so then we will be left with a very short list and this person will be named.

I have written about this before and have been clear about my intention to NOT NAME NAMES. I feel strongly about legalizing prostitution and naming names will only hurt the girls I am trying to lobby for. To name names would adversely affect the industry since girls will be afraid to work for agencies and put themselves in the precarious situation of working for themselves with limited knowledge on safety protocol. Clients will also be fearful of trusting agencies so it’s imperative that we maintain discretion to garner support for legalization.

I have been offered large amounts of money for my client list and have yet to sell. Its been a year since I was released on bail and if I was going to out anyone- it would have been then. If you want to pursue this story, I highly suggest you go find “Annie” and ask her about it- get it from the horse’s mouth because you’re not going to get it from mine.

Whew! Danke shoen for the clarification.

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