Could brewing sex scandal mean Ed Rendell will have to hightail it out of Harrisburg?

Gawker says "The thought of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell having sex is utterly horrifying, so he's one we'd rather not even think about." Still, Fast Eddie makes the short list at 15-1 as the mystery governor with a "prominent wife" who also paid for sexual services through the same madam whose escorts knocked Eliot Spitzer's socks off.

Marjorie Rendell, is a federal judge who sits on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, and the guv is only an hour or so from New York, but serial skirt chaser Arnie still is Gawker's morning-line favorite.

Now comes this tantalizing exchange from the Opie & Anhony satellite radio show, as reported by Deux ex Malcontent.

The hosts were interviewing Kristen Davis, who spent four months in prison over the Spitzer hooker scandal. She wrote down the name of Governor X on a piece of paper, showed it to the boys, and then listeners were left to decipher the sneaky pol's identity:

"What, did he pay her in coal and steel?"

"I guess he had a little filly on the side."

"Did he used to be an Eagles scout?"

The whole thing ended with show regular Jim Norton making a hysterical Freudian slip during the plugs for his upcoming gigs.

"I'll be in Pennsylvania this weekend," he said, then corrected himself to the sound of everyone's laughter.

Don't sound like no Arnie to me.

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