Stunning Reading Eagle exclusive! Envelope stuffing "almost certainly" a scam"!!!!


It is on Page One of the Reading Eagle today so it almost certainly must be true.

Those ads that say "$350 a week guaranteed. Work two hours daily at home stuffing envelopes" will just rip you off.

This is big. This is new.

The Eagle is really, really on top of things with this whopper.

But why isn't this story online now so I can add a link and warn millions of blog readers?

Did the envelope stuffing fools pay off Harry Deitz? What in dear God is going on?

Envelope stuffing. Bad.

Please, everyone, call your friends and warn them, shout it out. You "almost certainly" will not earn $350 a week stuffing envelopes. And you read it first in the Reading Eagle.

Get hired for the job you want in 45 days or get your money back.