Once Weis can start selling beer at 7 a.m., Pennsylvania may start scaling the beer-drinking ladder


Courtesy of Slashspot comes this handy-dandy infographic charting beer consumption across the country, on an annual per-capita basis. Leading the pack is Montana, of all places, whose 706,064 residents slug 43.9 gallons each. (Factor in Pennsylvania's legendary under-21 beer brigade and the Keystone State likely would float near the top.)

But now that the Weis Market at Broadcasting Square may soon open its takeout counter and cafe at 7 a.m., there's no reason for anyone to go thirsty, day or night. Beer distributors are foaming at the mouth, not because they fear a spike in alcoholism, but because it's a bread-and-butter issue for them.

"This should be decided by the voters, whether supermarkets should sell beer," said Thomas Derr, owner of West Lawn Beverage.

Fine. But then how about we make pot sales a referendum, too?

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