When Ed Rendell says a crooked pol deserves only one year behind bars, let us hope he is speaking about dog years

We got a new puppy today, so I have puppies more than politics on my mind. But it is hard not to shoosh Ed Rendell into the doghouse for his enthusiastic support for Vince Fumo, and all the good works he's done and how his genius now is missed in Harrisburg, in saying that one year in a federal kennel is deterrent enough to prevent a politician from going out and getting himself convicted of 137 counts of corruption:

Gov. Rendell said today that even if former State Senator Vincent J. Fumo had received only a year in prison, it would have been a sufficient warning to any potentially corrupt politician.

Perhaps the guv was parsing his words in Clintonese, meaning that one year really means seven years and anybody sent to the slammer today would see freedom roughly the same time that the International Space Station crashes to Earth.

Fumo's sentence was 4 1/2 years, which works out to 12 days per felony.

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