Anal Eagle chuckles because fancy Business Week gets ZIP Code wrong

Ever since I started working at the Reading Eagle, keeping all the townships and borough boundaries straight seemed to be the biggest deal in the whole world. In the old days, a lot of this revolved around the great John Kunkleman, whose wife was a postmistress and he at one time the city editor. He would let out a great, big roar and maybe put his green postmaster visor on whenever somebody submitted a location as Sinking Spring R.D. 4 when it actually was Sinkey R.D. 3, and his day was made.


Those R.D. designations are a relic of the past, but not the the paper's fussiness about municipal boundaries. And so it goes today with a front page story about Business Week ranking the 19610 ZIP Code as the seventh most affordable place to retire. Unfortunately, those idiots at Business Week said 19610 is part of Reading because that's the "nearest, biggest town," rather than accurately identifying it as Wyomissing, where property values are so steep that no one without a small fortune could ever retire there.

It is a horrible, horrible error, one from which Business Week will unlikely recover, and we can thank our lucky stars that the Reading Eagle always demonstrates pinpoint precision when publishing vital ZIP Codes.

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