Al will discuss the Reading Eagle on national television today!

All right, one caveat and disclaimer. I don't know exactly what will air or if the segment will be pulled for breaking news or other reasons. But I did spend about 10 minutes on camera with an "Extra" reporter this weekend,  talking about the Reading Eagle and its new coverage and how it dictated what its bloggers could write.

Now, under normal circumstances, people who are laid off will sign a confidentiality agreement as part of a severance package. That's to avoid -- and we'll just use a hypothetical example here -- people who have sat in on 35 years of meetings and closed-door conversations talking honestly and candidly in front of potentially millions of teevee viewers.

Of course, the first part of that equation is "severance package." Most businesses recognize severance deals pay off in the long run.  Otherwise, companies may confront what some might call...surprises.

Tune in "Extra" this evening for some surprises. It airs on Channel 10 out of Philadelphia at 7 p.m.

UPDATE: Tune in Tuesday, segment may air then. Or maybe not. If not, I will update my faithful readers on content of interview. This Carradine guy died and that needed some air space.

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