Daniel Boone warns residents they better pay tax bills they never got

In today's's WTF moment, the Daniel Boone School District is happily nickel-and-diming late fees from people who never received their per-capita tax bills, then turning around and saying the increase in penalties from 569 last year to 851 may not be due in fact to, uh, people never receiving the bills in the first place.

"I'm sure the snafu we had contributed to some of that," Superintendent Gary L. Otto admitted, "but the economy could be contributing to it a bit, too. Even though a per capita tax is not that much, a bill is still a bill."

The per-capita tax is $15.

"Failure to get the bill is not an excuse not to pay it," Otto warned.

If that's the case, Boone could save big on postage next year and collect late fees out the wazoo.

Mailing out new bills to everyone this time apparently was not considered. Instead, the district posted notices on its Web site (good luck finding it) and in several newspapers, which points out the worthlessness of those legal notices posted in the classifieds section.

Otto said the school district hasn't waived any of the late charges. But that's no doubt because the penalty is only a buck fifty, and who wants to argue with these geniuses over that?  Maybe it's ttime to make a point.

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