Lawyer has a lot of crust saying more than standard "No comment"

This morning, we pay a visit to Miami-Dade County, where prosecutor David Ranck stands accused of punching a tardy Domino's pizza delievery woman.

Ranck has been in hot water before, once for cursing a defense lawyer during a murder trial and letting getting suspended -- then suing his bosses -- after posting an internal memo on a blog site.

In the current case, Ranck allegedly got in a tiff with a Spanish-speaking pizza gal who couldn't get inside his gated condo. Police say the woman, Yudisceus Rodriguez de Armas was locked inside her vehicle "shaking and in tears" when they arrived, claiming Ranck knocked off her visor and whacked her in the arm.

Ranck would not comment, but his attorney, Allan Keiser offered, "At this point, I'm wondering where his pizza is. He never got his pizza.''

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