Rant on about the Reading Eagle in our new Reading Eagle Rants discussion forum!

Listen, we don't want this blog to become too top-heavy with Reading Eagle snark. But there is avid interest in what goes on inside Reading's only major metropolitan newspaper small-town daily, especially since this blogger has 35 years of secret things to share.  And the current staff needs a place to kvetch, too, with morale in the sewer after management let go support personnel and professional reporters and editors now have to perform clerical duties.

Well, Reading Eagle Rants is a place you can sound off in complete anonymity. Your IP address is NOT recorded. You do NOT have to register or submit an e-mail address. Nobody will ever know if you're the person who called Harry Deitz a spineless buffoon!

And, of course, every reader is invited to point out such incrdible incompetence as the house ad that ran on Page 28 of today's Clip-It Coupons supplement. The ad urges businesses to advertise in the Eagle with the come-on, "Are You Using the Best Tool for the Job?" ... only the white-on-black body text is so out of register you can't read a single word. (Why doesn't the Eagle buy a new press?)

There is lots of material to laugh and beef about.

  • How much money is the Eagle losing? One source pegs it at $400,000 a month.
  • Why is an efficiency expert polling managers? Are more layoffs coming?
  • Is the Eagle about to sell its Internet Services division now that it's been gutted?

Check it out here.


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