Now everyone's a liar in Berks-Lower Alsace land dispute

Cut to the quick: Lower Alsace gave the county $1.5 million to help it buy Antietam Lake, the township says it was promised a parcel of land where it could dump leaves in exchange and now it turns out chief supervisor Tom Orth was...fibbing! That's the report today where mixed martial arts specialist Orth admits there was no quid pro quo with then-commissioner Judy Schwank. Schwank says she did promise Orth the land, like a year later, but the current board says they don't care what Judy promised because she's gone and the township is not going to get that land now, ha, ha, ha.

So where are township residents like this blogger going to dump their leaves? Maybe on Mark Scott's smelly chicken farm! It will almost be like having a teabag party.

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