They're not really limeys, but they think this is the champagne of beers

File this under the "Can You Believe It?" category. There is a beer run in Canada, and people are going nuts over...Bud Light Lime.

They are calling it "the Tickle Me Elmo of Beers," it is that popular.

Have you tasted it?


Says MetroNews out of Calgary:

"We put a sign out saying 'No Bud Light Lime,' because every second person was asking for it.'Where's your Bud Light Lime? Where's your Bud Light Lime? It's not here we don't have any" said Mary Ross of Avenue 33 Fine Wines.

Ross says only the major chains seem to be getting stock, while smaller shops like her own are left with disappointed customers.

"I don't know if it's fetish and it will pass or if it's really good beer. I can't get any in to try it, so I don't know." says Ross.


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