Lower Heidelberg Township nazi cop tickets motorists who so much as brake in front of the Gosselin house

A satellite view of Castle GosselinThe hottest tourist attraction in Berks County is the Jon and Kate Gosselin compound, inconveniently located at 298 Heffner Road in Lower Heidelberg Township, along a narrow, two-lane country road. The shoulders are off-limits for parking, and a lot of neighbors have posted "No Trespassing" signs. The nearest public parking area is about a mile away, making for a hilly, up-down-up hike.

With dozens and dozens of cars driving by today, slowing down or parking so passengers can get out and snap photos, one badass township cop picked today to crack down. A photographer who stopped for no more than 10 seconds to pick up another photographer got a $15 ticket. So did one poor schmuck who just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Vehicles backed up behind him while the cop car blocked the other lane. So ticketing a motorist for creating a dangerous situation...created a dangerous situation. One lady said the ticket was worth it because she got to see Jon.

And what did gawkers see on this fine Saturday afternoon? Jon picking his toes on the stoop; Jon walking around with a clipboard; Jon handing his security guard a DVD. The highlight was Jon tooling around on his beloved ATV. When Jon hires me as his press agent and I pitch the movie deal, I'm going to insist they have a chase scene on ATVs and Jon gets to do his own stunts.

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