"Compassionate and understanding" collection agency says "it's a necessity of life" to turn off Birdsboro residents' water

Like a character out of a Dickens novel comes John Fiumano the CEO of Kadent Corp., the parent company of Accounts Recovery Bureau, Wyomissing.

Fiumano was asked to explain his agency's policy of turning off the water to the homes of delinquent water/sewer bill customers in Birdsboro, and he uttered the quote of the day:

While it's compelling and it sounds very emotional to turn people's water off, it's a necessity of life, and we're certainly compassionate and understanding.

Seven homes in the community have been declared unfit for habitation because they have no water. The Google themed ads sucked on the article page include one for the L.A. Collection Agency ("If we don't collect, you don't pay") and another for YouCanCreditRepair ("The Lexington law firm erased collection agencies from my credit file"). A little something for everyone.

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