Evil newspaper closes bureau, wastes tons of energy

It's one thing for newspapers to go belly-up. It's quite another to stick it to poor landlords who have to pay the bills.

No, this is not the Reading Eagle closing its spanking new printing plant and leaving it to the city to demolish it. This is the Allentown Morning Call, already in in bankruptcy, shuttering its Easton offices.

According to Lehigh Valley Live:

Landlord Peter Koehler claimed Monday that the Morning Call moved out of the first floor of the National Building without notifying him.

"They snuck out of the building in the middle of the night," Koehler said. "No one had the common courtesy to call me and tell me they're leaving the building."

Koehler said he went into the office some time last week and it appeared that "anything of value" had been removed.

"They didn't even turn the lights out," he said.

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