The Gosselins have this crazy idea they can keep details of their awful marriage free from prying eyes.

What is wrong with those Gosselins? They beat up a drumroll to their "major announcement" Monday evening, announcing they are "separating," but will let it all play out on the teevee. That was hours after someone leaked to People magazine that divorce papers already were filed in "the Bucks County Courthouse in Reading PA, quickly amended to Doylestown, until the Buck prothonotary said today he has no records of any Gosselin - file. Did wicked steal in last night and rip the papers to shreds, just to spite Jon.


Actually it's Gosselin, Katie vs. Gosselin, Jonathan in papers filed yesterday in the Montgomery County Courthouse, in Norristown. Why MontCo? Is it because Kate's planning on a buying a pad on the Main Line and do some serious cougaring?

Kate's attorney, Cheryl Young, claims it's for convenience because both lawyers hail from Norristown. More logical is the fact that Montgomery County keeps its divorce records sealed, so the media who came calling today were turned away after viewing just a cursory record of the filing.

The loophole  size of Montana is that while John Q. NartionalEnquirer can't just walk in and get a copy of the documents, any lawyer licensed to practice in Pennsylvania can access and copy the papers. Deputy prothonotary Mildred Mitchell said all you need is your bar association card and fill out one of two forms. Nevertheless, if the Reading Eagle hires Stevens & Lee it will probably cost them $10,000.