Jon and Kate file for divorce in Bucks County

People magazine broke the news on its Web site at 5:12 yesterday afternoon. And even though it probably was a leak from the Jon camp, they blew it by saying the papers were filed in the Bucks County Courthouse in Reading. I'm still covering the story for a national mag and that got me scrambling, because I was hanging in the prothonatary's office here at closing time with another People reporter, who had to get up at 4:30 a.m. and drive from outside Manhattan and camp out there all day, and neither of us, nor the National Enquirer team, saw any papers that were filed in Reading.

So why Bucks? Pennsylvania law allows couple to file in any county, as long as both agree to the change of venue. This most often happens if a person is well-known in one community but not elsewhere and seeks to avoid embarrassment, such as perhaps a clergyman. That doesn't really fit Jon or Kate. Custody issues, however, must be decided in the county where the children have lived for the past six moths.

The Eagle, whose Gosselin coverage has been laughably nonexistent, said it was "unclear" where the couple filed their divorce papers. It's only "unclear" if all you do is watch the TLC show and perform no real reporting. Zeke, too, fumbled by saying the divorce was filed in Berks.

But the real lead is this remark Kate made last night, as her cold, cold eyes betrayed feigned sadness: "The show must go on."

Pimp my sextuplets indeed!

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