Oley School Board defies Fox News, approves liberal textbook that says dropping atomic bomb on Nagasaki caused horrible damage

School director John C. Bieber had his clown suit on when he tried to bar Oley Valley High advanced placement students from reading Alan Brinkley's "American History: A Survey."

Even Reading Eagle reporter Ron Devlin put a foot on Bieber's bandwagon by describing the textbook in his lead as "controversial."


Because Bieber had red-lined passages he called misleading or unbalanced, such as saying that dropping an A-bomb on Nagasaki in 1945 was unnecessary because the Japanese government was in disarray, or this:

"The U.S. sent another American plane to drop another atomic weapon, this time on Nagasaki, inflicting horrible damage and causing more than 100,000 deaths in another unfortunate community."

Of course, every smart person like Bieber knows those sissy Japanese didn't suffer horrible injuries. That's all liberal propaganda.  They just had like a bad sunburn, only worser.

Next thing you know those Oley kids will want to read "The Catcher in the Rye"!

Another board member, Christopher M. Hannum, initially sided with Bieber, but changed his mind after learning the "unbalanced" accusations came from a blacklist of books by that fair and balanced network, Fox News.

A camera crew from Fox News covered the meeting, which was held Wednesday evening and reported in the Eagle today.

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