Developer announces plans to build sensational $70 million stadium in flood plain

There's this developer from Baltimore, Edward V. Giannasca II, who has a spotless record, and he has this grand scheme to build a massive Riverfront complex along a flood plain, with stores, restaurants, museums, water parks, boat docks, and basketball courts, and people pay attention because he says stuff like "it's very achievable and very finance-able" while not wearing a straight-jacket.

Now he wants to add a ballpark to his imaginary Shangri-La, where the Reading Phillies would play 70 days a year, if Craig Stein doesn't uproot the team first, but it's all gonna work because the ballpark won't just sell peanuts, popcorn and hot dogs on game day, but also sell snacks to guests visiting the Canal World Sea World or participating in simulated African safaris.

Flood plains? Building projects that cost $40 million to $70 million? Where have we heard this before? Oh, yeah....

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