Sarah Palin is NOT Jon Gosselin's new best friend

People close to those Gosselins just cannot stop telling fibs.

Take this story that moved yesterday on (since removed from their Web site) that said Sarah Palin has been chatting with Jon Gosselin three times a week, feeling miserable that Jon has been enduring the same bad press as herself and her slutty daughter. Supposedly, Palin has been counseling the celebrity home wrecker that he must work harder to keep his clan together and seek salvation through Jesus Christ. The source is ID'd as a close friend of the philandering sextuplet pop.

This blogger, who fact checks everything, put in a call to the Alaska governor Monday evening. Her office, which is on snowbilly standard time, didn't pick up and nobody responded as yet. Now today, we read this miserable retraction on (un)

This column had a recent article, based on information from another Internet site, that claimed Sarah Palin and Jon Gosselin have been in contact and that Sarah is giving Mr. Gosselin advice. A representative of Sara (sic; they can't even get corrections right) Palin tells us that the information is completely false and would have liked for us to have contacted her office to confirm the story.

Maybe David Letterman should give Jon a ring.


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