Incredible 1-week-old golfer will compete in the U.S. Open

What the Lehman infant may look like in 50 years.I just downloaded the free U.S. Open app for the iPhone and went to brush up on some of the players. I clicked on Tom Lehman and was startled to learn his birthdate is June 9, 2009, which makes him exacrly 1 week old. And you thought Tiger Woods was an amazing prodigy for swinging golf clubs on "The Mike Douglas Show" with Bob Hope when he was only 2. This Lehman kid will drink his milkshake!

And if that isn't cool, the iPhone app says baby Lehman finished second at the 1996 U.S. Open at Oakland Hills, which makes him a time traveler as well. Probably a space alien, too. Wow. Phil, this is not your year.


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