Ed Rendell's cheesesteak secrets: Start with crummy meat

The conference was devoted to the latest solar-energy technology, but Gov. Rendell lit up the joint by sharing his tips on constructing the perfect cheesesteak:

"The number-one secret for a good Philadelphia cheesesteak is to not use good meat.”

“Fatty, stringy meat,” is key, he said.

Coming in a close second is not using real cheese.

“You have to use artificial Cheez Whiz,” the governor said, by which he probably meant not using actual cheese, as opposed to using a knock-off of Kraft Foods’ “original cheese dip.”

The third secret dawned on the governor when he went to a place in Seattle that claimed to make an actual Philadelphia cheesesteak.

The cook prepared the onions for the cheesesteak, but, Rendell said, “before he put the onions on the roll, he drained the grease” off them.

“Onions with the grease” are the third secret, the governor said.

The governor was on a roll, you might say.