Wouldn't it be something if Jon and Kate bought the Reading Eagle!

So there I was last Saturday, down at Wernersville, performing journalism for a national magazine about the Gosselins. I was hanging at a local pizza joint, Paradise by the Slice, and a crew from "Extra" was there, looking for locals to interview.

I started to tell the reporter about a famous anecdote from my days at the Reading Eagle, back in 2005 when Kate had just dropped the multiples and was begging for handouts. The reporter asked if I would talk about it on camera and I said sure.

The story involves another blogger, the great Dana Hoffman, and the postings she made about the Gosselins' charity groveling, with disgust, which you can read here, here, here and here. After the latter entry, Kate herself phoned publisher Bill Flippin and complained that Dana essentially was taking milk out of her children's mouths. Bill Flippin's spine, as is customary, turned to jelly and he told my boss to put an embargo on bloggings about the Gosselins.

The "Extra" team was most interested in talking about why Jon and Kate won't talk to the Eagle, as recounted in Harry Deitz's whiny Editor's Notebook. I pointed out that some reports peg the Gosselins' annual haul at $31 million, while Reading Eagle Company is near bankruptcy and bleeding at the rate of $400,000 a month. Why do the celebrity couple need this pissant paper any more?

Which got me thinking: What if Jon and Kate bought the Reading Eagle. The Gosselins hate all this tabloid attention. If they owned the local newspaper, they could set the tone for Berks County coverage and become beloved. But then I figured, why bother, there aren't that many people who read the paper anymore.

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