On-the-ball Reading Eagle blurbs month-old multimedia on its home page

Here are some screen grabs captured this morning on the Reading Eagle Web site.

"On The Web," from the home page, invites visitors to listen to a WEEU Week in Review podcast that was recorded April 24. (What other newspaper Web site can offer you an NFL draft preview today? None with any credibility.) Mayor Tom McMahon discusses the Berks Jazz Fest and other news relics iin a series of video clips recorded on April 8. And maestro Andrew Constantine offers a video "preview" of the Reading Symphony Orchestra that was held on May 16.

Even more timely are the "Web Exclusives" links on the main local news page. Besides the same stale "Ask the Mayor" videos and WEEU podcast, there's a "What Do You Think?" link inviting visitors to offer feedback on the redesigned Eagle during a live discussion with managing editor Dave Mowery. That discussion was held the week of February 16.

I'd bet a beer that these embarrassing links are purged today. You know why?

Because the top editors are reading this blog.

And we're keeping them honest.