Comedian Kate Gosselin writing hilarious cookbook

Kate Gosselin, who already has enough on her plate with a philandering husband and in-laws throwing her under the bus, will pimp her recipes in a cookbook called "Love Is in The Mix."

Mom Logic suggested an alternate title, "Bitch Is in the Mix"

According to US magazine:

In addition to offering nutritious recipes and tips on eating organically, "Love Is in the Mix" promises to teach readers "how to craft family traditions that create happy memories" and "how to feed a large family on a budget." The book will include family photos and anecdotes about her twins and sextuplets....

Kate will also offer insight into handling picky eaters, making lunchtime fun, planning meals for vacations, and making ordinary days "extra special."

The Gosselins have gourmet chefs to feed the family on the TLC show, and commenters on Amazon wrote that Kate does "no cooking, no meals, just snacks -- crackers, yogurt, grapes, cukes and peppers in pita. The woman can't cook."

Although excerpts have not yet been released, US said commenters have already begun slamming Kate's previously released recipes and claim she stole them "from product boxes and magazine articles."

One person wrote that her recipe for the cereal treat Monkey Munch is the same as one on the Chex brand Web site.

The book's back cover states: "Fans ... won’t want to miss this inside look at one of America’s most famous close-knit families."