Well, yes, and here we go again

So, wha' happened?

It was exactly three weeks ago today, almost to the minute, when Al's Blog at the Reading Eagle disappeared off the face of the Internet. My blog was purring along nicely that Thursday morning. I had just published an inconsequential entry about pit bulls or something. And then, what became known around the Eagle as Black Thursday began.

For those who missed the story -- and it was real easy to miss because it was buried inside the Money section and got as much ink as your typical bloodmobile drive -- publisher William S. Flippin announced the "termination of employment" of 52 workers, including your friendly snarky neighborhood blogger.

But you had to go to Editor & Publisher for the news left unreported in the Eagle, the lack of any severance package for the fired workers, some with 45 years of experience. Editor Harry J. Deitz Jr. called the E&P report a "black eye for the company," but it certainly could not have been as painful as it was for my fellow loyal employees left out in the lurch with no health care.

And Al's Blog vanished into the ether, all the links redirected to the main index page. I had not even time to post a farewell entry, "Al Gets Thrown Under the Bus." Luckily, through the miracle of the Google cache, I was able to retrieve maybe 75% of the old stuff.

But that's looking backward, and it's time to move forward. This new blog will be everything the old blog was, only better, because, frankly, without having to kowtow to the whims of a fussy organization on the skids, the dialogue can flow more freely. With comments, of course, I request civility. But no one will be censored and no one will be barred simply because what they speak offends some anal editor or steps on advertisers' little tootsies.

Obviously, this blog is a work in progress both in design and subsidiary content. We're part of a larger blogging, news and information network that's still largely unlaunched.

Please bookmark this page for easy access.

Now, let's roll.