Biting off your nose to spite your...whatever

From our dear friends at the New York Daily News:

A lawyer got his nose bent out of shape during an altercation over an occupied bathroom stall -- and retaliated by chomping off part of a man's schnoz.
Mark Lambert admitted during an interview with WMC-TV to biting off a portion of Greg Herbers' nose, according to a report on the TV station's Web site. The bite occurred during a fracas at Memphis-area hot spot Dish.
Herbers is now reportedly suing Lambert, claiming he needs plastic surgery and might have to wear a prosthetic nose.  He also claims Lambert swallowed what he bit off.
Lambert told WCM-TV that he did take a bite out of Herbers -- but maintains he spit out the flesh.
The brouhaha reportedly began when Herbers entered the restaurant’s bathroom and found all urinals and stalls in use. 
He says he asked two men who were in the same stall -- but not using the toilet -- to leave, WCM-TV reported.  He claims they refused his request.
Lambert, who was using a urinal and carrying on a conversation with the duo barricaded in the stall, began hurling profanity at him, Herbers says, and then shoved him and delivered the bite.
Lambert told the TV station he acted in self-defense and that Herbers attacked him.
A police report said Herbers' entire left nostril was ripped off, WCM-TV reported.
He is suing for $5 million.

You'll need to click the link to see the shocking photos -- if you dare!