Schuylkill County's DA, Dick Tracy, says he thinks he kind of knew that Shenandoah's cops weren't on the up-and-up

Here's a hilarious clip from CNN of the Schuylkill County district attorney, James Goodman, trying to 'splain himself on how his prosecution of the Shenandoah kids in the Mexican immigrant beating death got so F-ed up.

"They (the police) didn't interview the perpetrators, the boys. In fact, not only did they not interview them, they picked them up, gave them rides, helped them concoct stories, brought them back and told the boys what to say."

Left unsaid is why Jimbo didn't impanel his own grand jury to investigate the Shenandoah cops if he thought something was smelly, or why he dropped second-degree murder charges against the "boys" (as the locals like to call the killers), or why his own cuz, state Rep. Neal Goodman, was so adament against bringing the feds in to investigate the crime once it was clear the cover-up was on.

Could it be, DA Goodman, there was no rush to justice because you were up for re-election last autumn and you did not want to lose that precious racist vote? You didn't mention that to CNN.