Commissioner doesn't want no FBI nosing around Schuylkill County, no sir

So now Commissioner Francis V. McAndrew has his panties in a twist because the FBI has set up a tip line in Schuylkill County, hoping to knock all the rotten apples off the political tree, much like they did in Luzerne.

McAndrew thinks this is so, like, "out of line":

"This is not Luzerne County. This is Schuylkill County. Our elected officials are above reproach, and so are our judges. It sounds like they (the FBI) are making assumptions that because there is corruption in Luzerne County, it must be here, too. They're going to find out that they're wrong."

Doesn't sound like someone who has anything to hide, eh?

"They are welcome to investigate as much as they want ... but there is no corrupt official in Schuylkill County (government) that I am aware of," McAndrew said.

No longer "above reproach" is more than half of the Shenandoah police force. Four cops, starting from the chief on down, face numerous felony counts, such as obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, extortion, lying to the FBI, and conspiracy. Those charges stem from the cover-up of what feds say was a racially motivated homicide and  the shaking down of local bookies and a businessman. (The Shendo bookies have set odds at 5-1 that at least a half-dosen more indictments will flow from the tip line.)

One of the (former) men in blue, Capt. Jamie Gennarini, is also accused of supplying his underage girlfriend with pot, cocaine and booze, although he has not been formally charged with that.

As for the chief, Matthew Nestor, held without and facing steep, steep jail time, the only way he might be able to plea-bargain for leniency is to drop the dime on bigger fish in government. No boilo for the chief this Christmas.

McAndrew hasn't been exactly prescient in predicting how these investigations will turn out.

Back in May, he squawked like a mynah bird with its toe stuck in the cage after Gov. Rendell urged the Department of Justice to investigate the circumstances surrounding the beating death of a Mexican national after an all-white Pottsville jury convicted two assailants of mere simple assault. The probe brought down the four officers and the two teen beating suspects.

Big-mouth McA now says he's going to call the FBI again to complain.

Whatever smelly's hidden under those rocks, or piles of coal, up in Schuylkill sounds like something out of a bad M. Night Shyamalan movie.

(By the way, excellent coverage in today's Pottsville Republican.)