Allentown restaurateur can't bear to throw out Obama's rotting table scraps

From the Morning Call:

President Barack Obama left more than autographs and memories from his visit to the Lehigh Valley this month.

He also left a crumpled napkin, a discarded piece of lettuce and a dozen or so french fries -- remnants of his lunch at the Hamilton Family Restaurant that people at the west Allentown diner saved for days as mementos of the visit, laid out on the plate they'd presented to the president.

They also kept Obama's water glass, which the commander in chief left either half full or half empty, depending on your party affiliation.

For people such as George Malke, one of the Ham Fam's owners, Obama's visit earlier this month was less about politics and policy than about face time with the leader of the free world.

''It's an honor for us -- once in a lifetime,'' Malke said last week.

But seriously, keeping the president's food scraps?

''I'd feel sorry to throw the food out,'' he explained. ''To be honest, it's a president thing.''

All together now, ewwwww!