Scrappy supervisor lost because he pissed away $1.5 million of Lower Alsace taxpayers' dollars

Thomas Orth, trounced in his bid for reelection as Lower Alsace Township supervisor, doesn't think a drunken brawl with his son and cop at a Muhlenberg Township nightspot, was the tipping point.

"I actually only had one person ask me about that," the fesity bantam said.

Orth said most voters he spoke with on Election Day were upset over the $1.5 million that Lower Alsace handed over to the county to help save Antietam Lake.

The township, he told an Eagle reporter, was supposed to get a piece of county-owned property along Hill Road to use to dump leaves and branches.

"A lot of people came up to me and said, 'Where's our $1.5 million, and where are we supposed to drop off our leaves and brush?' " Orth said.

The agreement, however, was negotiated with the previous board of county commissioners and never put  in writing.

So you wanna blame Republican Mark Scott for bringing down one of his own?

Last June, Orth admited there was no quid pro quo with then-commissioner Judy Schwank:

Schwank says she did promise Orth the land, like a year later, but the current board says they don't care what Judy promised because she's gone and the township is not going to get that land now, ha, ha, ha.

Oh, Sluggo.

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