Birdsboro throws Wiccans under the bus

From today's paper, a rumpus over whether the holiday celebration called "Christmas in Birdsboro" is as offensive as lighting across atop the Mount Penn fire tower:

"I love the idea of a holiday celebration, I think it's terrific," said resident Kathy A. Hoffman, who identifies herself as Wiccan. "I just felt that the Christmas label made it totally Christian. Since this is the first time we're doing this in Birdsboro, it should be there for everyone, even those who celebrate Kwanza or Hanukkah or Yule."

Borough Solicitor Terry D. Weiler said he would feel more comfortable if the borough called it a holiday celebration.

But at Monday's meeting, council voted 5-1 to keep the name "Christmas in Birdsboro." Councilman Neil B. McCauley, voted against that title, citing concerns raised by the solicitor.

Hoffman said Wednesday that Councilman Thomas Kanuck seemed to take offense to her call for a more inclusive title.

"He (Kanuck) started in about where in the Constitution does it say we can't call it Christmas, and he has his own constitutional rights to practice his religion, basically," Hoffman recalled.

Kanuck admitted the conversation upset him.

"It sure ruffled my feathers," he said. "For 70 years that I can go back, Christmas was Christmas, and that's the way it is, and nobody ever moaned and groaned about it until recently."

Kanuck added that everyone is welcome to join in the event or hold a celebration of their own in Birdsboro.

"Nobody's saying you can't bring your menorah or whatever symbols people have to honor their particular holiday," he said.

Message to Kathy: Bring your Wiccan gear and join in the holiday fun.

Meanwhile, in Johnson City, Tennesse, Jesus made his feelings known by appearing on the window of a pickup truck: