Weird tales from the Poconos

From the Pocono Record, the boss from Hell:

Awkward: When your boss says he wants to make a porn video with you.

Sexually charged comments were an unwelcome part of the job at Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Stroudsburg, according to six women who filed a complaint in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

Last week the six plaintiffs settled with Ruby Tuesday's Stroudsburg restaurant for $225,000.

General Manager Christopher Mendoza made sexually charged remarks to adult and teen female employees. Sometimes he also remarked about customers, according to the complaint filed in August 2008.

Looking at a pregnant customer, Mendoza allegedly said: "She must be really horny. My wife was always horny. I am surprised my kids don't have problems with all the times we've had sex," the complaint states.

Former Ruby Tuesday waitress Michelle Gydosh complained that the sexually harassing environment was so intolerable that she was unable to continue working there.

Five co-workers joined Gydosh in the lawsuit, with each woman making similar claims.

Gydosh said that from August 2006 onward, Mendoza repeatedly made embarrassing sexual remarks about her body, such as "your breasts look good today" or "your breasts look really nice."

According to the complaint, Mendoza constantly told Gydosh that she was "hot" and that he wanted to "make a porn video" with her.

Makes you want to go to church and pray to God. But wait! has this sad tale:

A northeastern Pennsylvania priest has been removed from his duties after church officials say he accidentally displayed inappropriate pictures from his computer before Sunday Mass.

The Diocese of Scranton said the Rev. Edward Lyman was using his computer on Oct. 25 to project an informational DVD about the annual diocesan fundraiser when four photos were displayed. They featured what church officials describe as "minimally attired adult males."

Diocese spokesman William Genello said the photos were not pornographic, did not include minors and were not taken by the priest.

Lyman has been removed as administrator of St. Anthony, St. Bridget and St. John the Baptist parishes in Throop. The diocese would not say where he is.

If priests can't even queue up their DVD players properly what is this world coming to?