The Brotherhood of Me, Me, Me, Me

From today's paper, an illustration of what being a member of a Reading union is all about:

City firefighters and nonuniformed employees on Thursday rejected concessions the city administration says it needs to balance the 2010 budget, and city police say they have no plans for concessions or a vote.

The rejections make it almost certain the city will lay off far more employees than the 27 announced so far.

Officials were counting on the concessions, including a wage freeze and delaying the last pay of 2010 until 2011, for $2.2 million in savings.

Rank-and-file city employees, who already will lose 12 members to layoffs, rejected concessions by a vote of 123-30, union chief Ron Lyons said.

In other words, members of these unions would rather see a brother lose his job entirely than give up anything from their own salary or benefits.