Obama=socialist=government teaching kids how to masturbate

From Telegraph.co.uk:

Extremadura's socialist government has launched a €14,000 (£12,600) campaign aimed at teaching young people how best to set about "sexual self-exploration".

"Pleasure is in your own hands" is the slogan of a campaign that has sparked political controversy and challenges traditional Roman Catholic views on sex, the Guardian reports.

"This is an intimate subject that should be dealt with at home," complained local opposition leader Hernández Carrón of the rightwing People's party. "We have become the laughing stock of Spain."

"They are interfering with the right of parents to educate their own children about a matter as important as their sexuality," agreed the conservative Confederation of Fathers and Mothers of Schoolchildren.

Despite the opposition, officials from the neighbouring region of Andalucia have expressed an interest in copying the programme.

Yes, it's Spain, but does anybody see a slippery slope here? Glenn Beck!