Jesus appears in woman's kitchen curtains

Jesus hasn't been making many pit stops in wacky places of late, so it's comforting to hear that He's been spotted peering into a South Carolina woman's kitchen.

No, the Lord's image is right on Barbara Brame's kitchen curtains, plain as day (well, at least wrinkles  that resemble an eye, a nose and a mouth, if the light is just right).

Brame, who's an ordained minister herself, said she spoke with different pastors, and they assured her she's not a little bit batty:

"At first it shocked me and then afterward I realized, God is in my home. I asked different pastors and stuff and they said, yes God is in your home.

"Maybe he's trying to tell me something. Maybe he's trying to tell me to go out there and save souls."

She's not too worried people will think she's crazy. "Only thing I can say to them is you better stop thinking it's crazy, and believe in God because God is for real. As long as you're doing the right thing, and living right by God, God will show up.

With each morning the sun rises, the face continues to show up. "Every day I pray, I come and see it, and say thank you Jesus!"

Reverend Brame must delight in the image watching her fix up a grilled-cheese sandwich.