Help Berks County Prison select a new name

The people up at Berks County Prison want to rename the place, because the word "prison" is so depressing, especially for inmates who don't want their folks knowing they're spending some time behind bars. Unfortunately,  Warden George Wagner is just too unimaginative, as witnessed in this exchange with a WFMZ reporter:

REPORTER: Those inmates living in cells behind locked doors have uniforms that say BCP. But prisons are for long term sentences and all of these inmates will only be held for a short time, until they've had their day in court or if they been sentenced to less than 2 years. 

GEORGE WAGNER,Warden : It says BCP it's going to have to say something different. 

REPORTER: The warden says the new name is the Berks County Jail System and it will take several months to transition. 

WAGNER: So that there is no shock to folks so they don't think that a prison suddenly closed and something else jumped up in it's place. 

REPORTER: The name may be changing from prison to jail but that doesn't affect any of their day to day operations. 

QUIGLEY: Everything on that side is from 1993 and everything on this side was originally built in 1933. 

REPORTER: Since 1933 the Berks County Prison has been holding short term inmates. 

WAGNER: It is to reflect more accurately what we really do. 

REPORTER: But there will be lots of signage and labeling to be done. 

WAGNER: For awhile there will be some forms that say jail system and others that say prison we're not just going to throw away 3,000 envelopes that say prison on them, we'll use them.

Berks County Rehabilitation Spa, anyone?